Above: Amanda Achberger shows students exteme cold weather gear during Trinity Episcopal Day School’s SMART (Science, Math, Art, Religion, and Technology) day (21 May 2014).

Participant in Louisiana State University’s Microbiology and Food Sciences 2014 summer camp. Students discussed experiences in science, the logistics of doing field work in an extreme environment, and were shown microorganisms on a scanning electron microscope.

Participant in the inaugural Math/Science Week, hosted by the LSU College of Science (July 2014). This project is designed to ignite an excitement for math and science that students can carry through middle and high school and into their college careers.

Participant in a science-based summer program sponsored by the LSU Laboratory School (3 June 2014).  The students learned about the types of microbes that can live under the world’s ice sheets, got to see ice from the base of a polar glacier, and tried on extreme cold weather gear.

During spring 2013, we hosted a tour of our laboratory and cold temperature environmental rooms for AP biology students from Grant High School, Dry Prong, LA.

Featured scientist in audio segments for Hear the Answer, a media platform produced in partnership with PBS and WETA/Washington, D.C. as a premier science, environmental and technology educational resource for teachers, students, and the public. Segment 1: Why study microbial life in ice? Segment 2: How does life exist when there is no sunlight? Segment 3: What’s an internship like in Antarctica? Segment 4: What is it like to camp in Antarctica?

Featured scientist in "Invisible", a documentary special for the History Channel (January 2013), Flight 33 Productions.

Participant in the EnvironMentors program, a national college access initiative that prepares at-risk high school juniors and seniors for college degree programs in environmental and related science fields, 2011-2013.

LSU Sally Ride 2012

Above: MARSLIFE participates in the annual
Sally Ride Science Festival at LSU (22 September 2012)

Lecturer for Saturday Science at LSU, an outreach program targeting high school students, teachers, and open to the public, May 2011.

Under The Ice: Studying One of the Last Unexplored Aquatic Environments on Earth. NSTA Learning Center, May 2010.

Host of laboratory tours for the LSU BIOS program August 2007-2010, a 1 week intensive biology “bootcamp” for incoming freshmen at LSU.

Science presentation and demonstration for Louisiana high school students at the Louisiana Junior Science and Humanities Symposia, January 2010.

Participant in PolarTREC during the 2009-2010 Antarctic field season, an educational research experience, funded by the NSF and managed by the Arctic Research Consortium, in which K-12 teachers participate in a polar research experience.

Graduate student Shawn Doyle's Antarctic field blog.

Story about Shawn Doyle's outreach program with his alma mater, Sulphur High School.

Featured scientist in "Discovering Astrobiology", an Education and Public Outreach (E/PO) video project in collaboration with the Highland Road Park Telescope Observatory

Pre-K and Kindergarten outreach program at University Methodist Preschool and South Boulevard Magnet, Baton Rouge, LA, 2009-10.

Participant in job shadow program with St. Joseph’s Academy, Baton Rouge, LA, March 2008.

Participant in POLAR/PLANET-PALOOZA, Baton Rouge, LA, November 2007.

Invited speaker for Project SCIENCE (Science Content and Investigations to Engage, Nurture and Challenge Educators) workshop, “Life on Earth... and Elsewhere? An Educator Resource Guide in Astrobiology”, September 2006.

Visit to EBR South Boulevard Elementary for Career Day, February 2010.


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